EIT is going international in MAY of 2023


Shane is honored and excited to announce that he will be part of the next international mission with Montero Medical Missions. Montero Medical Missions provides and creates sustainable healthcare projects and domestically works to support our Veterans. As an active board member of Montero Medical Missions and the lead chair of the Technology Project, Shane oversees both the IT needs of the organization and the work of upgrading and refurbishing donated IT equipment which is sent out internationally to continue the ability to create the sustainable missions. 

 The MMM team will be flying from Virginia to Manila Philippines for ten days. The Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands and within the country, we have plans to set up multiple clinics including a floating medical clinic that can move between those islands. Many of the islands do not have access to much healthcare or government subsidies. 

On the way back from the Philippines, Shane and Doctor Montero will stop in Anchorage Alaska to visit our friends “The Battle Dawgs”. During our recent Parade of Boats & Fish Fry, we were able to raise and donate over $30,000 to help complete a clinic at The Battle Dawgs facility. We’ll be stopping in to visit our partner NPO and see the progress of the work we helped to fundraise for. The Battle Dawgs work with Veterans who have combat-related injuries including PTSD, TBI, and Separation Anxiety. Our support of this organization is part of our promise and goals to help and give back to our Veteran community. We’ll spend 3 days at the Battle Dawgs camp in Alaska before coming back to Virginia. 

This is far from a vacation as we have a lot of work to do during the trip. EIT will be helping with the technology needs of the organizations while still supporting our current clients even remotely. We will have plenty of hands-on deck locally to continue to support and Shane will be available remotely even while working in each of the remote locations to the best of his ability. 

To learn more about how you can help support these great organizations and the projects EIT works so hard on, please visit our website at www.eit.services/itad . With your help, we will be able to continue to support these amazing organizations. We have tentative plans for trips to Sri Lanka, St. Lucia, West Africa, South America, and more over the next couple of years.

May 18th  – Fly from Norfolk to Michigan, Michigan to Seoul Korea, Korea to Manila Philippines (10 days to set up 2 sustainable clinics)

May 29th – Fly from Manila to Seoul Korea, Korea to Atlanta, Atlanta to Norfolk

June 19th – 23rd – Fly from Norfolk to Atlanta, Atlanta to Anchorage (3 days to visit and help our partner NPO the Battle Dawgs) Anchorage to Atlanta, Atlanta to Norfolk

Stay tuned for updates!

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